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​Wash and Pack Laundry Packing near Brooklyn, NY

Wash &
In-Store Only

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Wash&pack is a new service we created during the covid lockdown which gave people who could not go to a self service laundry a safer option. Wash&pack is where we wash, dry and pack the clothes. The clothes will not be folded.

Wash&Pack is a Glenwood Laundromat service and is not eligible for Pick Up & Delivery.

Wash and pack laundry service includes Ariel laundry detergent.  If you'd like a different detergent, you can choose from the following:


Most popular
  • Tide - Original $0.15 Per Pound
  • Gain - Original $0.12 Per Pound
  • Tide - Free & Clear $0.16 Per Pound
  • Seventh Generation $0.18 Per Pound
  • Molly Suds $0.20 Per Pound
  • Suavitel Softener $0.07 Per Pound
  • Downy Softener $0.09 Per pound
  • Bleach $0.05 Per Pound
  • Dryer Sheets $0.03 Per Pound
  • Use My Own Free!

Saved hundreds of hours for people by not having them waste it in a laundromat. Give it a try!